Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fabric Swatch Exchange

I received my copy of Cloth Paper Scissors magazine in the mail yesterday. As I was flipping through the pages I saw the fabric swatch that I designed and sent in as part of an exchange. How exciting is that!
July/August 2011 issue

Page 82, upper left corner - that's me!

my fabric swatch - their photo is much better than mine.
The object of the exchange was to design an 18” x 36” piece of fabric using any technique (stamp, paint, dye, transfer, etc) you wanted. Cut into 9”x 9” squares and shipped to the magazine to be exchanged. In return, to each participant, the magazine sent 6 randomly chosen swatches designed by some of the other 200 artists who took part in the exchange. I love the variety of swatches I received and it will be fun thinking of ways to use them

Here are a few of the swatches I received. Aren't they beautiful?
designed by Victoria Gordon
designed by Judy Arbuckle
designed by Lisa Encabo


  1. I received my copy yesterday and didn't have a chance to open it yet. There you are - your swatch is very creative. Congrats on being selected.

  2. congratulations Kathy!! yeah for you!! this is Ileen and for some reason it won't let me post other than anonymous ;-p

  3. Thank You! I don't work with fabric very often so this was really different. I'm glad CPS does these exchanges and challenges it pushes me to try new things and they are so much fun.

  4. Isn't that cool - your work is beautiful, light, delicate and colorful. And, this magazine looks very interesting - I am going to look for a copy.

  5. Hi Linda, Thanks for stopping in and for your kind comments. I didn't see you last name anywhere - have me met? Is that one of your paintings? It's lovely!