Monday, April 30, 2012

The Sun is Shining Bright

The sun was shining brightly last week in more ways than one. We did have some beautiful weather and I enjoyed the time outside working in the garden. I also got the good news that I had work accepted into 3 upcoming shows. You just never know how it will go when you enter a juried show. I try not to take it too seriously but at the same time there is that nervous anticipation while you are waiting to find out if you are in or not.

This is my first time showing at the Hygienic Art Gallery's annual juried exhibition "The Seventh Crossing". I unfortunately had to miss the opening reception on Saturday night but can't wait to go and see how the show looks.

© K. Johnson  'End of Season'

The second is in Rhode Island at the Artists' Cooperative Gallery of Westerly. The opening reception for "The 19th Annual Regional Art Exhibition" is from 5-8 this Wednesday as part of the monthly Westerly Art  stroll.

© K. Johnson 'Darkening Vista'

The third is the CWA Members Juried Show at Galore Gallery in Middletown, CT. This one is a little extra special since it is my first event with the group as a new member. This is a few months away yet with the opening reception on July 1st and runs through July 27th.
© K. Johnson 'Reclaimed'

Sunshine and good news - I am incredibly grateful for such a wonderful week.

PS: My good friend Laura received this exact same good news last week. You can see some of her beautiful and colorful works here.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Tuesdays - Collage #8

2012 Collage Challenge

 K. Johnson 'Anticipation' - 7" x 5" collage on paper
Watching the garden come alive each Spring is a fascination that never loses it's magic or freshness. Time for clean up, planting, and dreaming.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two Tuesdays - Collage #7

2012 Collage Challenge

© K. Johnson 'Untitled' - 7" x 5" collage on paper
Giving a title to my work has always been a challenge. Once in a while if I'm working on something with intent, the meaning can come through in the finished piece and the title is right there on the surface for me to grab. More often, especially with collage, I let the process and materials lead me without much planning or forethought. I think these are sometimes my more successful pieces but the meaning can stay hidden from me until much later on.

Well, this is one of those"Untitled" pieces that is not speaking to me just yet. If you have any ideas or suggestions I would love to hear them.

What's your process for coming up with titles? Is it easy or do you struggle?

All the collages in this series can be seen here.