Sunday, November 24, 2013

Finding the Unexpected

I have been feeling very disorganized in my studio lately and have been looking for a way that I could neatly contain all the papers and other materials I collect for my collage work. I need easy access to them but can't stand it when there are piles everywhere - it just feels like clutter. 

Last Saturday morning I was in New London to meet with friends at one of our favorite coffee houses Muddy Waters Cafe before dropping off some work for the Hygienic Galleries Art=Gift Holiday show. After leaving the gallery and on the way to the parking lot I stopped in at the Homeward Bound Thrift Store around the corner to check in with a friend who was inside shopping.

As I was walking down the stores main aisle I saw it,  a book case - almost 6 feet tall, 5 shelves of varying heights and only 12" deep. Would this work in my studio and help with my clutter problem? I decided the answer was yes so after getting it home I immediately put a coat of primer on it.

By the time the primer dried it was too cold to paint outside anymore so my husband and I brought it inside to the laundry room. It was tight squeeze but I got the first coat of yellow paint on and the next morning finished it with the second coat.

Here's the bookcase in its new home in the studio - now I just need to find some baskets and containers and I'm hoping it will feel like I have supplies and materials again instead of clutter once everything is neatly stored away.


Here are two from the 6 piece series "Terrain" I recently finished that are on exhibit at the Hygienic's Art=Gift show.

Terrain #2' 4" x 4" mixed media on wood
Terrain #4' 4" x 4" mixed media on wood

 The show runs until Sunday, December 22nd.

You can also see the work of these artists that I admire and who just also happen to be friends too: Laura Gaffke, Diana Sartor, Maria Scaglioni and Annie Wildey