Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I love Moss!

When I moved back to the New England eight years ago I fell in love with the green moss, ferns and other shade loving plants that grow here. It was so different from the sunny gardens I had gotten used to in much drier Southern California. When I started thinking about creating a garden I envisioned a place that would capture the lush look and cool feeling I’ve experienced walking in local places like the Connecticut College Arboretum, Harkness Memorial State Park,  and Bluff Point State Park. I poured through the many catalogs arriving in the mail and the few books I had on North East gardening dreaming of the plants I wanted to include and how they would all look together.

"before" winter 2007
There is much more to do but after replacing the barberry hedge with a cedar fence, adding a black metal fence with a gate to contain the space and give it that separate room feel, building a small arbor from 2 trellises, transplanting moss to grow between stepping stones and getting the first plants in the ground last fall this is what it looked like a few weeks ago when the tulips and bleeding hearts were still blooming. Fences, arbor and heavy rock lifting - all courtesy of my most helpful and handy husband.

Most of the plants are gifts from gardening friends and family. These are always the most treasured because I’m reminded of these special people every time I spend time in the space and it gives the garden history. Others are transplants from different spots in the yard or from the many wonderful local garden club plant sales that go on each spring – the Ledyard Garden Club plant sale is my absolute favorite!

 Still on the "to do" list:
- one more planting bed
- pea gravel pathway
- make more hypertufa containers
- small water feature?


  1. Your garden is beautiful - the colors are so cool and refreshing, I would want to stay outdoors all day!

  2. Exquisite, Kathy! Your lush garden is so beautiful. You are a talented Master Gardener... and I so enjoyed reading all about the process to create it. Lovely!