Sunday, August 11, 2013

August Break 2013 - Week 2

Having fun with Susannah Conway and more than 600 others participating in 
A month of photo prompts to post on our blogs, with little or no words.

Day 5 - Close up

Day 6 - Diagonals

Day 7 - Skyline

Day 8 - Selfie

Day 9 - Taste

Day 10 - Red

Day 11 - Play

August Break 2012


  1. What a great idea - I need to look into this (and play catch up). Your photos are beautiful, so creative!!

    1. Thank you Ellen, I hope you do join in. With over 600 people you can imagine how many photo's are on the flicker group page but it's been really fun to see how everyone interprets the prompts.

    2. I ran into trouble trying to join the 600+ group but have decided to use the prompts on my own. Thank you for sharing the site.

  2. My favorite this week is red. Nice shot!

  3. Hello, Kathy. Happy to see the "You Might Also Like" widget displaying nicely. Hope to have you follow my blog.