Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Two Tuesdays – Collage #18

© K. Johnson 'Brown Bag' - 7"x 5" collage on paper

All the collages in this series can be seen here.


  1. Once again, you have created something beautiful! I always enjoy looking at your latest art.

    1. Thanks Ellen. I'd like to make a few more - I still have a few bags left with some interesting designs on them.

  2. very nice--you should post this on the sketchbook challenge for the pattern of circles and lines. what kind of camera do you use for your photos? they are always so professional looking! happy tuesday!! ;-)

  3. I've got some other ideas for the sb challenge too and want to take a look at Jane's tutorial like you mentioned in your post - another good theme this month.
    I've been scanning these collages with an HP printer/scanner and then making minor adjustments in photoshop. I'm getting better but there is so much to learn with PS.
    Tuesday - my favorite day!