Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beat the Deadline

I heard about the Prayer Flag Project and the Call to Artist’s for an exhibition at the Oceanside Museum of Art by following the blogs of Jane LaFazio and from my friend Ileen who has been making flags since the project began. I was really excited about this exhibition because I lived in Oceanside for 13 years before moving back east and I always loved visiting the OMA.

I just barely made the deadline for sending in my flag. I was in a bit of a panic the day I was bringing it to the post office to mail – I lost track of time and got there barely 5 minutes before they closed.  I’ve been having a problem with procrastination the last few months - very bothersome because this is not like me at all. I've been making a real effort lately - I don't want this to become my new bad habit!

© K. Johnson 'Serenity' 8"x 5" Mixed Media, Fabric
This is the flag I sent in for the exhibition. One of the most peaceful and calming things I enjoy is walking on the beach.  I can really relax and love finding bits of driftwood and sea shells along the way.  My intention and wish for making this flag is for everyone to find and enjoy that special place that brings them peace and serenity.

Yea! My flag did get there on time.  Jane posted a picture of a group of flags ready to hang and you can see mine in the top left of the photo.  Aren't they all gorgeous? After all my worry I see they extended the deadline. The museum will keep hanging the flags as they arrive so it sounds like you have until Oct 14th to send one in. Show dates - Oct 15th - Dec 31st, 2012.


  1. love this, Kathy!! yeah, it got there!! I don't see mine on the photo--I hope it made it!! I plan to go to the opening reception and will try to take photos for you--

  2. Congratulations! It's absolutely beautiful!!!