Sunday, October 9, 2011

Art & Spirit Boxes

Squam Workshop #2

The second day at SAW was again at the cozy Sugar House cabin.
This is how we were greeted at the door.

I remember being drawn right in by Maya Donenfeld's description of the "Art & Spirit Boxes" workshop because using recycled and everyday materials is something I love to do. After a guided meditation to get us in a creative frame of mind we got started on our first project of making boxes to carry tools and supplies out of used wax paper/saran wrap type boxes. We disassembled the boxes, worked on both sides, painting, collaging and stamping before gluing them back together. Time flew by and I felt like I was just getting started and it was already time to leave for lunch. I'm envious of those who are able to finish their projects in the time allotted in a workshop. I always seem to be finishing later at home.

beginning stage of my Tool box
In the afternoon we worked on the "Spirit" box part of the class. This was an exercise of looking within and creating a shadow box of sorts that reflects some part of your life. Again, I'm finishing this one at home and will share when I do get around to finishing it.

You can see more pictures of the workshop and get a peek at some of the boxes created by classmates on Maya's Blog.

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