Monday, September 5, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge - August

I thought I had all last weekend to have this post ready but was interrupted by a visit from Tropical Storm Irene. There was quite a bit of damage throughout the state but I am one of the very lucky ones who's home did not loose power. The yard was covered with tree branches and debris, so we had a couple days worth of clean up to do. My only small inconvenience was not having a land line phone or Internet until late in the week. 
A big Thank You to all the workers who have arrived from other states to help restore power which I read is expected to be at one hundred percent by this Wednesday. 

August theme - Everyday Objects
This past month was an interesting study of things I see and use everyday - the many common objects that are designed for function. It's probably the first time I ever looked at my toothbrush, umbrella, and salt shaker with an appreciation for the unique beauty in each item.

Two of my everyday objects: the mug I drink my morning coffee from and the handbag I throw over my shoulder each day as I leave for work.

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  1. Amazing how beautiful the Everyday can be! Love the coffee mug. This month's theme sounds promising. My zentangle attempt was ideal in theory. My sons won't allow me enough meditative time for the process. LOL! I might check out the Flickr gallery for some inspiration.