Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge - July

July's theme - Element

Elements of Weather - With all the hot and humid weather lately I tried to capture the opposite with this black and white collage giving a sense of cold, snow and wind. The elements used to make the collage: the insides of security envelopes, mulberry paper and an unfolded paper bag handle.

Elements of Water and Air - A collage of the water and sky meeting in the distant horizon. I used painted tissue paper, more security envelopes and a little bit of stacked journaling introduced in a post by Judy Hurwitt one of the Sketchbook Challenge hosts.

Element of Air - Grasses leaning in a warm gentle breeze. A colored pencil and watercolor sketch.


  1. These are so beautiful, I really get the feel of nature.

  2. Hi Kathy...congratulations--you won the July contest--did you check the website? yeah!! I love your ideas/art for the month. I am out of town, but will chat more with you later. XO

  3. Hi Ileen - I did see - what a nice surprise! I can't wait to try the "Luminart Twinkling H2O's". Sue said they are already in the mail. Don't you just love this month's theme of everyday objects? Have a safe trip home.