Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I’ve wanted to visit Logee’s Tropical Plants ever since I first heard of it while taking UConn’s Master Gardner course back in 2007. On Sunday two friends and I took a trip to Danielson, CT and I finally got to see the greenhouses that have been around since 1892. Unassuming from the outside you enter a whole different world once you go through the front door. Walking up and down the very narrow isles you are surrounded by tropical plants of all kinds. Beautiful large specimen plants that have been growing for many years and bins filled with small potted plants that are for sale. I could feel my hair curling right up but I didn’t mind because the warm, humid air felt wonderful. In a year like this where Spring seems to be taking its sweet time to get here what a great destination to see some exotic plants and to warm up and forget about winter for a few hours. 

What did I come home with?
It wasn’t easy but I was able to control myself to leaving with just one plant - Goji Berry (Lycium barbarous ‘Crimson Star’). They are hardy to zone 5 so it should be able to survive our winters here in zone 6. It’s only a bit more than 2 feet tall but they say it could fruit this first season. Each year I like to try one new plant that I have never grown before. I hope the Goji Berry plant will be happy in my garden.

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  1. How could the Goji not be ecstatic to be brought home to your beautiful garden, and be cared for by a Master Gardener! Lovely pictures... and besides the nice warmth of the greenhouses in winter, I can relate to that special feeling one gets to walk into a place where so much care and nurturing has gone into preserving from the past in order to carry forward to the future. Amazing control, just coming home with one plant! I'm sure that plant will be cherished and appreciated, maybe even more so because you limited yourself.