Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tissue Paper, Napkins and Tea Bags

Do you remember making tissue paper flowers in grade school art class? I haven't thought about them until just recently when I saw a beautiful window display using them at an Anthropologie store. They were so pretty and brought back such good memories of fun crafty times in art class that I wanted to try making some again.

I painted some white tissue paper with watered down acrylic paints and thought I would also try using some some decorative napkins I found at the Christmas Tree Shop last year.

Tea bag papers work well too. They are the perfect proportion so are a little less fussy than having to cut the tissue paper and napkins to the right size. They are pretty strong and don't tear as easily as tissue paper does.

I remembered the basics of how to make the flowers but I found the rest of the details and easy to follow instructions at Rust & Sunshine.

It won't be long before I can fill vases with fresh cut flowers from the garden but until then these will do.


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    1. Thanks Adriann. Hope school is going well - summer break is right around the corner :)

  2. Beautiful Flowers! I love the colors!

    1. I had fun with these colors in the garden too. I'm enjoying the pink and orange tulips I planted last fall - they're in bloom right now.