Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Two Tuesdays – Collage #21

2012 Collage Challenge

I love taking walks this time of year with the air is so crisp and cool. As I'm getting my exercise I take in all the colors of the leaves as I kick through the piles that accumulate across the sidewalk. I can't help but to pick up a few as I go and by the time I get home I have a handful of leaves that were just to pretty and special to leave behind. I always put them in an old phone book to dry and flatten for later use. Although most of the time I do use the actual leaves in my collage work this time I tried something a little different and used scanned and printed copies of the leaves. 

© K. Johnson 'Autumn Joy' - 7"x 5" collage on paper

© K. Johnson 'Settlin In' - 7"x 5" collage on paper

All the collages in this Two Tuesdays series can be seen here.


  1. The layers are wonderful! Fall is my favorite of year.

  2. I came back to share with you that my tots brought me a Sign of Fall today from our back yard. It made me think of your wonderful Autumn collage. The colors are so spot on. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Love the warm colors!! Just wanted to stop by and say that I received your BEAUTIFUL Art is You Art card today and I looove it!! Thank you so much!!
    Warmest Regards,Cat