Saturday, December 24, 2011

Circles, Dots and Spots - Paper Swap

Right about the time I heard about the chocolate swap, I found out about the paper swap that is also hosted by LaWendula. This swap was based around the theme of "circles, dots and spots". She has been hosting paper swaps with different themes for several years and has people from all over the world that take part. You receive the name of your paper swap partner and you then contact each other by email to exchange mailing addresses. 

It was pretty easy to collect papers for this theme. Once you start looking circles and dots are everywhere - a tea bag, the inside of a birthday card envelope, scrapbook papers, a coffee cup stain on a napkin, even the wrapper of the new "air delight" candy Kiss. I neatly packed all the papers I collected in the 2-3 weeks allowed in a handmade folder (keeping with the theme, of course) and shipped them off to Karen in Hannover, Germany. I hope she will have fun finding uses for some of these papers. 


I really miss getting all the cards and letters that used to come in the mail. It's not very exciting going to the mail box to collect yet another bill or credit card invite so waiting for my package to arrive from Karen was half the fun. Here's a look at the different papers (along with a few other circular odds and ends) that she sent.

Can't wait to use some of these papers in future collages. I've been thinking on a project involving lots of collages for the coming year. More on that once I get my idea (and my courage!) together.


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