Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge - February

February theme - "Opposites".
Writing down a long list of opposites as they came to mind I chose "straight and curved". I wanted to use my new Sharpie pens and was thinking about the Zentangle class I missed earlier this month because I was sick. Not having any official instruction these are not Zentangles, just doodles I had fun with. No thinking, just kept the pen moving while I was relaxing in front of the TV.


  1. very nice!! so glad you found the sketchcrawl link on my webpage--love your art postings!! and glad you are doing a blog--I will follow you now!!

    I love doing zentangles--am just doing easy ones!!

  2. These are so cool Kathy, I can't believe you just doodled them while watching TV! :) Anne

  3. You are some kind of savante Kathy! Very cool :)

  4. Haven't ventured out into the world of zentangles yet. Beautiful!